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Not sure what magazines are right for you? Don’t worry! By taking this short, six-question quiz, you can find out what your Magazine Personality is.

Your results will provide recommended reading that fits with your personality.

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Book myself a stay at a luxury hotel with a spa and go on a fabulous shopping spree!
Use the money to go on an exhilarating mountain climb – I want to set a new record.
I’ll donate the money to a political campaign that supports social justice. .
Invest in my newest hobby. I really need to expand my collection.

Anything and everything! I love giving my two cents on all sorts of topics.
Fine art, literature, current events – I like to talk about deep about engaging topics.
My kids, mostly. Or my pets! I’m proud of all my children.
Local news – did you hear about that sports team? Or what the mayor did?

My kids coming home with straight A’s on their report card.
A social movement I care about breaks new ground politically – we’ve made a difference!
Finally finishing the home renovation I started years ago – my place looks fabulous!
My opinion on a recent trend in arts & culture gets recognized by major figures in the scene.

Hit up the flea market – there’s so many cool things you can find there!
Go on a long bike ride. I love fresh air and activity.
Meet with some friends for lunch or dinner and talk about the latest and greatest things we’ve been hearing and doing.
Check out my neighbourhood and city/town. I love exploring new areas and checking out new and favourite businesses.

Disneyworld – my kids love it!
The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. I love galleries.
Staycation! I love my area; I don’t need to spend money to go anywhere else.
Somewhere with lots to do – like surfing in Australia!

What current style trends are in or out – there’s a lot I like, and lots I don’t like.
What to do this weekend … I have way too many hobbies.
Anything and everything. I have a strong opinion on all sorts of topics.
Politics. There’s so much injustice going on that everyone turns a blind eye to.